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The Informant: The Invertebration of Civilization



Twenty three years hence into a systematic entrapment of the human civilization through the United States by what appears to be Male Same Sex Male MSM British Scholars from Cambridge University, I feel compelled to begin an overall capstone to MOEC Studies. This is based on prisoner’s dilemma and the creation of an informant personality that would function universally in all truth systems.

This act of invention creates a fatalistic system. It is totalitarianism. Here the intent of this development is to create a state of dependency in the individual to one’s task master. The idea is develop universal defection and then a hierarchy of class stratification to this authorship. It’s beginnings are irrationalist and pre-fascist. This the selling off or alienating one’s right by others in a state planned plutocracy. This activity will and is
simultaneously developed with pairing with differential levels of chemical assault.

This is based on the Deification of the LGBTi platform.

The conflict is based on LGBTi (homosexuality) versus Opposite Sex (heterosexuality) Los Angeles Police Department is the delivery method and whose orientation is LGBTi, mainly MSM on the attack on my person. I clearly represent the opposite sex - straight - heterosexual side.

The entire event is based on the particularity of using this experiment to prove whether genetics - determinism and socialization - learning would create a criminal in homosexuality and heterosexuality. Also integral is the determinism and/or socialization of creating same sex persons. This latter perspective has failed regarding my subjection to de facto treatment (torture) has failed and has created one of the most severe disasters in human history. I have emerged 100 percent heterosexual with no same sex partners or acts in my entire life.

Inverting the Theory of Laws: 1. Eternal Law 2. Natural 3. Positive Law through conditioning transfers loyalty from the inverted system to the Origin. In particularity would be my own choice faith and thus other major systems. This develops a system of hegemonic fatalism and dependency.

There is a notable use of individualism, narcissistic ego, and relative morality. This is contrasted with a more spiritual or altruistic personality developed at different levels to distinguish a more noble person from an informant. Hence criminality is either a capital, a felony, a misdemeanor offense and or against a person, property or treason.

The archetypical pattern hinges on am higher substance a person primarily and then impersonal secondarily versus the adversary or despoiler. Here an Antichrist Myth is developed. Hence my maternal grandfather’s name Kronin can be seen to have origins or false cognate linkages to Kronos of whom Zeus slain and Kroni of the Vedic tree whom is one third of Kamsa or the adversary of Mayon – Krishna 1.

A hierarchy similar to a King sending in his knight to do battle yields symbolic figures of a white knight battling a black knight or avenging angel. Here this is the un-commissioned Male Same Sex Male MSM code officer read homeland security officer as the latter.

Prisoner’s dilemma creates a defection pattern when used against the particularity of human laws and creates a Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization reverse sting entrapment similar to what is used in drug dealing and prostitution. The police or homeland security officer as they are now labeled in the United States are not permitted to use, manufacture, or possess and criminal contraband or be an accomplice, aid, abet, or participate in any criminal activity.

In degree an informant trades information or is flipped. One may:

  • Bust down - traditional reverse sting. This is preferred. The connection is usually defected against a customer.
  • Bust up - Step ladder. Bust up. This is when the customer entraps his connection. This is not preferred as it the traditional snitch scenario.
  • Bust Across - Take Down. Very messy. This is gang warfare. This can be making one hot, lighting one up (exposing one) and creates more actual violence.

If every economic activity was controlled by de facto or corrupt police this would reflect a mafia culture where all activities would involve being an informant, blackmail, and extortion to survive. There are areas in Central America where extortion can be over 50% of revenue to remain in business to gangs and the police#.

Currently it is March of 2011. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has ended his two terms of tenure being replaced by Jerry Brown. I argue he was the worst governor in the history of the United States. I am in Desert Shores, California and the entire Salton Sea is Chemically Despoiled.

This disaster is irrational. There is no moral legal coherent explanation other than the sworn officials are delivering blackmail and extortion to keep a nearly 100 percent censorship on 6.9 billion persons in place.

In has been deduced that the following in this order has the greatest chance of ending the conflict:

  • Chemical Assault
  • Stalking
  • Electronic Surveillance

As I am over 49 years of age, I have entered into midlife surprisingly gracefully from a cosmetic standpoint. The arc of lifespan also is a major factor in determining one’s entry into a position of opposition. The human race is an informant based counter culture. I say this in part because the modus operandi of defection against faith, morality, reason, and rule of law is widely distributed an reinforced with quid pro quos guaranteeing everything from sex, marriage, jobs, drugs, money, and other forms of payment for defection.

It appears the most powerful families are implicated in a continuing march into history of the Informant State.

The negative externality for the United States and the LGBTi platform here is that the defeat benefit’s the materialist schools of Marxist Leninism. At this point in time China, North Korea, and Cuba are the remnants of this worldview. It has been postulated that an equilibrium of Czech under Totalitarian Social Welfare would be the future equilibrium of the nation-state. My personal opinion is shifting to a larger and more brutal structure with possible smaller benign regimes as Czechoslovakia was vis a vis to the USSR.

Currently the zeitgeist is witnessing the acculturation of the citizenry through a marginal reinforcement towards being informants. This activity is in itself a purge. Here primary rights are superseded by secondary rights. In effect the duties of sworn law enforcement is placed in front of the citizens they are duty bound to protect. Hence this is a form of irrationalism and pre-fascism.


In a narcissistic and pathological profile state planners for the United Kingdom, this strongly indicates Cambridge Law School professors have constructed a circular folly of informants implicating themselves and their proxy agents. This is developed in a hierarchy of cognition where lower level agents are entrapped to insulate the authors while exposing others to a marginal amount of retaliation in case a contingency is needed to act upon them.

Here the informants set in motion a pattern of blackmail and extortion extended from classical peerage to simple nepotism. This is no more than piracy of the state. The resources of the state are used to defect the natural persons to the interest of the enterprise. Marriage, sex, career paths, business deals in the white, grey, and black markets all are payoffs or remunerations.

This hierarchy develops the lowest homeland security officers as the scapegoats in planned reverse stings on the mechanism. This does not decapitate the enterprise only those branches which need to be purged.

The Antichrist Mythology enables the recruitment of fanatics as well as a recourse for dismissing cases due to non-empirical criterion.

Defection strictly negates due process and equal protection destroying social justice and cohesion. This demonstrates prima facie the strength and resiliency of the defection of the membership.

The develop of a informant than is pathological from a replication of one member throughout the entire civilization.

In a more technical analysis an attempt to model a isolated singularity regarding poles is considered. Here Technological Singularity has been paired with a Cultural Singularity.

The word "pole" is used prominently in a number of very different branches of mathematics. Perhaps the most important and widespread usage is to denote a singularity of a complex function. In inversive geometry, the inversion pole is related to inverse points with respect to an inversion circle. The term "pole" is also used to denote the degenerate points  and  in spherical coordinates, corresponding to the north pole and south pole respectively. "All-poles method" is an alternate term for the maximum entropy method used in deconvolution 3.


The basic example of a pole is f (z) = [1/zn ] which has a single pole of order n at z = 0 . Plots 1/z of and 1/z2 are shown above in the complex plane.

For a rational function, the poles are simply given by the roots of the denominator, where a root of multiplicity  corresponds to a pole of order .

Here there is an attempt at a symbiotic pairing of human Irrationalist - Know Nothing within Culture Singularity versus a robotic culture within Technological Singularity. Transhumanism may lay intermediate with elements in both sets.

A rational choice would be robots over the antisocial informant stalkers that are causing tumults and degradation in the United States, especially California.

Whether this analogy is truly mathematical it is obvious that it is being attempted. There is a decadence that will debilitate the projected renaissance that Technological Singularity will bring.

It appears that the cultural platform will address the censorship and sanitization of Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth and the blackmailing and extortion of the president before the technical platform. Hence the territoriality towards after what computing machines will teach as super intelligence if there is any at all is emergent and inconsistent poles at present.

End Notes

1  There is also a s serious attack especially on Gaudiya Vaishnavism of which I pertain. This can be construed as the Hare Krishna Movement. This needs to be understood because the typical devotees in orange robes and shaved heads seen often throughout the world pertain to different Mathas or schools although their beliefs are similar.

2  Clarifying this general distinction between the economic structure (E) and the legal-political superstructure (S) is a set of specific distinctions.

These are: The relations S involves are in terms of formal rights and obligations; whereas the relations E involves are in terms of effective powers and constraints (GID, 80 and 352-59) .S is the de jure representative of "the general interest" whereas E is the de facto organization of particular, material interests (GID, 45-46, 78). S's form is visible and institutional; whereas E's form is concealed and unacknowledged (CII, 791).

3 Rowland, Todd and Weisstein, Eric W. "Pole." From MathWorld--A Wolfram Web Resource.



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