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Technological Singularity: Fruit of a Poison Tree


What happens when machines become more intelligent than humans? One view is that this event will be followed by an explosion to ever-greater levels of intelligence, as each generation of machines creates more intelligent machines in turn. This intelligence explosion is now often known as the “singularity”.

David Chalmers

The Singularity Hypothesis is an emergent conjecture that is still an open texture towards the future-state. It is being postulated on assumptions that have a fortiori strength but the Singularity Hypothesis is not grounded on objective laws or principles. Technological Singularity in this instance is an approach in formation of a working model or paradigm. Systems Theory which Technological Singularity must be embedded within to be scientific is truly a Systems Approach. Here Kuhn - Popper methodologies would easily qualify the Singularity Hypothesis as an emergent interdisciplinary trajectory that is in a birth giving stage as a pre paradigm (Hutcheon 1995).

In Chalmers perspective supra, Singularity is described as an intelligence explosion and to ever greater levels of intelligence is conclusionary; petito principie (Chalmers 2010).
Here these propositions are being formed in a abstracted framework that is most favorable for modeling as in the pure perfect market used in developing monopolistic competition Suranovic (2007). The law of diminishing marginal returns dictates that a suboptimal Nash Equilibrium is more likely than the 100 percent optimization. Hence after repeated efforts to improve one’s position all players agree to accept a less than 100% output (Microeconomics 2008).

Qualification is needed. Ray Kurzweil is quite expert at presenting historical and hardware graphics postulating exponential machine powers. This axiological support for human intelligence, the stated mission goal of Technological Singularity is rational. If 2050 is postulated, only machine speeds and component fidelity appear achievable. An explosion in computer performance and applied technologies will likely occur. How localized or universal is intelligence (Jkiggens 2009)?

Biological man has not changed dramatically in the last 20,000 years as homo sapiens. Since tool making is an extension of the human body and such begins our development of culture transforming ideas and energy from within our body into artifacts into our social and cultural environments; it is not greatly supported that a world of some 9 billion plus persons in 2050 will have technological access to be transformed by The Singularity (Singularity Institute 2011) (U.S. Census 2011):

U.S. 310,888,276
World 6,902,231,506
20:08 UTC (EST+5) Feb 25, 2011

Currently intelligence is taught in psychology as linear intelligence and crystal intelligence. The first is quantified reasoning as mathematics and objective. Crystal intelligence is the empirical experience gained over time. This currently peaks at age 50.

The interfacing of humans with Applied Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence systems or individual machines does not readily support a transformation of information in intelligence in humans. There is a consideration of S curve limitations in exponential growth. Thinking in a linear manner again does not coincide with the law of diminishing marginal returns and the availability of technology to support and sustain an explosion of universal intelligence (Andrus 2007).

This is refereed to as the Digital Divide. The Global Digital Divide reveals the fallacy of over-simplification in the Singularity Hypothesis. Is it possible for leveling to occur? Here what again is the intelligence explosion referring too?

The G8 countries (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the UK and the US) are home to almost 50% of the world’s total Internet users with 15% of the world’s population. The Asia-Pacific region is has the most pronounced digital divide. Internet penetration ranges from below 1% in Bangladesh, to 65% in Australia and Republic of Korea . The Republic of Korea, Hong Kong (China) and Netherlands in 2004 were three top countries in terms of broadband penetration (Global Digital Divide 2011).

The final position to note is that Singularity is being developed under censorship and sanitization. There is a manifest function of Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth in continuo since June 17, 1987 in the United States. Hence the culture creates the conditions of it’s own elimination. Watson, the IBM’s supercomputer has recently defeated two humans on the game show Jeopardy.

The Salton Sea in California as of this writing is a Scorched Earth circa late February 2011.

There is open experimentation on humans as myself in support of Singularity. Here the allegation is that the authorship is Cambridge Law School attempting to social engineer through developing scientific determinism. Their Strategic Goal was Gay or Same Sex Marriage. The alienation of my legal rights in the United States or under the Convention Against Torture, CAT of the United Nations is quite compelling. I am using the estimate that there are 600,000 HIV/AIDS positive persons living in the United States. It has also been predicted that I would be a same sex male. I have been opposite sex for all of 49.5 years of life (Nollmeyer 2011).

Individual, social, and technological theories of determinism are prima facie not empirically supportable as Marxist – Leninism has proven although it‘s world view has spread exponentially. The United States, United Nations, AMA, APA, ASA, or ABA have not recognized this systematic human rights violation which is clearly a fitness test to develop Technological Singularity. For the Singularity Hypothesis to create any intelligence that is non-localized outside of experts it will emerge as a Fruit of a Poison Tree (Social Determinism 2010).

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