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Update on Inyo County

arn'marArnold and Maria Shriver Schwarzenegger 


Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Maharja

Two Separate Eternities Can Not Exist. This case is considered here at the non-mechanistic or transcendental level. In other words there can only be one God or higher substance. This is what is intended in western political philosophy where this phrase is most often encountered. In math number series as 2, 4, 8, 16... are considered eternities. There are infinite number series as there are separate points between 0 and 1.

In the Social Contract Theory which is the correct theory of constitution rights are enumerated and signed into law by the sovereign. This is known as the General Will. In the United States this means that the United States Constitution is the artificial body politic. The Bill of Rights and the United States Federal Code are it’s genetic base and mind as a corporate person. President Barack Obama is the sovereign (General Will) and the citizens are called subjects.

The 200th Birthday of the United States was June17, 1987. Los Angeles Police Department had began stalking me earlier on April 16, 1986. This became a full blown Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth on the Birthday of the Constitution. The linear function is a Chemical Assault against the Human Race. This is a crime against humanity. I am in Big Pine, Inyo County, California. The subjective content and work differentiation (job tasks) performed by LAPD is a Redherring - Strawman. The Gay Militia repertoire is Joe Virus and is targeted against a top ten percentile performance by a bottom ten percentile performance. This structure contains several cells. There may be 300 - 500 members. The main cell that attacked with the full Chemical Assault, about 25 officers, here in the United States are being entrapped themselves as well as their accomplices who are essentially informants and what is popularly called Gang Stalking.

The linear function of the Chemical Assault is objective to all observers. This is being organized out of Los Angeles Police Department by a LGBTi militancy. On about February 12, 2007 this cell of Gay Militia (their choice of identity) contaminated all the surface water in my vicinity. This is code named Radhanatha an ISKCON guru. This is a fallacy called Poison in the Well. This began in Earp, California. This is north of Blythe and the Colorado River was hit which runs into Mexico. Such supplies the drinking water to Southern California. Arizona, and Mexico. Tangible goods are also contaminated from the factory. All the bottled water is contaminated. There are several bottled water companies here in Inyo County and this was as good as Evian because it was fresh.

As seen my alienation is due to my being heterosexual male over my entire life. The format was based in part by philosophy professors at Trinity College (The Philosophy - Theology School of Cambridge UK.) There is open experimentation on humans as to their fitness as to whether such can be blackmailed and extorted. This will result in criminalization from a socialization standpoint. There is an inferiority complex in same sex males that this driving displacement. Displacement is an attack of substitute parties. LAPD is running a RICO or Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization. A corrupt organization is identified as an enterprise.

One cannot:

Participate or join the enterprise

Receive or donate to the enterprise

Instruct or guide the enterprise

The RICO statute Title 18 1961, was designed to prosecute traditional mafia - gang structures. This would be the ideal code to prosecute the Wizard in the film Wizard of Oz.

LAPD and their Gay Militancy comprise a Good ol Boy network. They will organize marriages, businesses to crime. They are Glass Closet Bisexuals who are involved heavily in OUTING persons especially males.


The Origin or authorship has designed this as a Decathlon. Athletic, Academic, and Theological fitness are inclusive. The Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth has been censored worldwide. The other remaining cells behind the cell that attacked are announcing a number count about 2310 days and less, to near about Valentines Day, Lincoln’s Birthday, or Martin Luther Kings day in February 2017.

I may be able to walk out or crawl out of the end of the tunnel then with no official reorganization by the President of the United States whomever that may be. Whatever damage was done to you or your family is done.

Welcome to the Machine

radhe's footprints

I am variable in this Maze Theory based defection pattern. Maze Learning is predicated on the ability of a bilateral symmetry based life form, flatworms and up to navigate a T Maze to a reward or punishment. Once the reward is achieved by per se turning right a electrical shock is replaced at right and so forth. The defection pattern is biased towards LGBTi persons. The police will clandestinely contact and attempt to favor such persons. The Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth is the electrical replacement. It is 100 percent imposed over my natural person and marginally over other persons throughout the world and here in the United States. If you are a target in my vicinity you are being hit twice. It is based on nodes radiating from Buckingham Palace. By process this is probably Scotland Yard and LAPD. Cambridge Law School has designed most of the attack based on prisoner’s dilemma and Greek Tyrannies. If one has seen a spider plant one will be able to understand the structure of this deviant association that is a competitor to the United States Constitution here in this country.

The health and tangible property in the Owens Valley, about Mono and Inyo County is suspect. This area is a Cornerstone for Criminal and Civil prosecution. The Valley is heavily despoiled. Lake Mono, made famous by the Pink Floyd Album Wish You Were here is wrecked. I am within a few hundred yards from the Owens canal. The hay bales here will Burn Your Hand to the touch. There are small arroyos that flow from the Sierras. This could be right through your yard. They are all poisoned. When I watch someone water their yard with a hose the water is poisoned.

Here is some psychology from LAPD. This reflects the socialization of Gay Families. In males have you ever had a reunion with your grandfather, father, and you as a son where you acknowledge your same sex orientation - homosexuality or bisexuality - LGBTi? Consider this also for the females.

This for me has clearly never happened. I am purely heterosexual over 100 percent of my life. This will be especially true for the San Diego and Oakland - Berkeley California area between 1989 and 2007. The construction of a Red Herring, a distraction for a crime of this magnitude by male LGBTi officers of LAPD is catastrophic for their platform. If I am charlatan and have practiced same sex than I am a gay male that has an inferiority complex. I AM PEACEFUL IN MY PERFORMANCE THROUGH A CHEMICAL ASSAULT - SCORCHED EARTH.

I represent the heterosexuals at the natural law level and the ritvik Hare Krishnas at the spiritual level. I am competitive at this threat to my life. The Owens Valley population is Gang Stalking Heavily. There are only 20,000 persons in Inyo County, 5000 in Bishop and 1500 here in Big Pine.The authorship or higher cells wish for a temporary Capstone for 2010. Previously you would have had to perform same-sex or stand near someone who did to hear this.

For LAPD and their day shift leader:

Develop a criminal case and turn such over to the District Attorney

Develop a History Class at the University Level

Storyboard a movie from July to the end of Governor Schwarzenegger’s term in 2010

This would focus on the repeal of Proposition 8 and Don’t Ask - Don’t Tell DADT

Here LAPD and the cell that struck will get prosecuted and/or exposed.The complete panorama is that the surviving members of their families, they all appear to be LGBTi and from Los Angeles County will probably meet the families that are the victims or that have been Chemically Assaulted and stalked.

In a objective linear quantitative analysis - what is the number and domain of LGBTi victimization? In particularity will be the HIV-AIDS population. The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth debilitates the environment. LAPD is attempting to earn historical status by attacking the legacy of Ronald Reagan. They have also destroyed Barack Obama. So then one should acknowledge the LGBTi HIV Positive population first then acknowledge the legacy of Ronald Reagan and the Gay Militia performance of LAPD.

George W Bush at present has the worst legal status. LAPD wishes to protect Bill Clinton. This area and New Mexico will be devastating for his legal and historical standing.The panorama here is one family takes on the whole town as in a Western B movie. By observation in Bishop and Big Pine there are 6000 people who will stalk against 1500 attempting to make a stand. This is about the rule of law and moral integrity as human. At the upper boundary Steve Fosset, a billionaire and world class endurance crashed and died while attempting to fly here in September of 2007. The lakes and streams here were poisoned. I was sitting in a pasture within site of the Bishop Airport. Arnold Schwarzenegger was arguably the best athlete in the world in the 1970s.

We both attended Santa Monica City College. Arnold graduated from Wisconsin with a BA in Business. I have senior status at Columbia College Missouri. At the level of a decathlon performer his moral and intellectual ability is suspect. In degree this is his political will to do the right thing. I will argue that his United States Citizenship will be stripped due to his corruption. The total victimization in California alone is now 38 million, the entire state population. Some of the schools in this valley are small. In traditional sports as football 6 or 9 man football is possible. Conversely Rodeo and Target Shooting are sports.The Police are Fatalistic and their Victims dependent. Wherever my name David Nollmeyer is discussed so will LAPD and the Gay Militia..

I am the main opposition figure and the ritualized violence here is severe. What is unique is that Narayana Maharaj, arguably the most advanced Vedic Scholar alive (Gaudiya Vaishnava - Hare Krishna) is nearing death in India. He maintains a large commune about 40 miles west of here in Badger. This would be a serious hike through about Kings Canyon or Yosemite National Forest. Manzanar, a Japanese internment camp is also 40 miles south on 395 a very nice drive south north of Lone Pine.

Narayana Maharaj is a LGBTi firendly diksa guru who claims to be ragatimika guru. This states he is an expert in the analysis in rasa lila or the conjugal affairs of Radha Krishna. This is known Asta Kaliya. The Gay Militia of LAPD is vulgar and their speech is polymorphic perversity. This is a very obscene use of sexual language to defend one’s self ad hominem against another.

In Vedic Science discussions are called katha.

LAPD as same sex men will always use female bisexuals and call such lesbians to defend themselves. They will also call such Gay excluding same sex men. They will state if you do not like Gays you are a same sex male. If one examines the subjective content here against a linear objective existence of a Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth one will discern the boundaries of a Joe Virus. Hence a bottom ten percentile performance attacking a top ten percentile performance. Here Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Narayana Maharaja’s legacy are under attack.

This is a clear indication of an inferiority complex in same sex males causing displacement. Handing off this data to researchers as Robert Hare (psychopathy) Adrian Raine (neural structure) is a goal.

Reiterated prisoner’s dilemma can be similar to a game of Cutthroat in billiards. Three or more people attempt to knock in their opponents balls then the object ball to win. The cell of LAPD militants now lead by Dodo believe they can orchestrate play between three persons from outside the game. They do not realize the impunity they now possess will end as costs rise against other cells of their Gay Militia.

I am socially conservative and straight. I have survived every attempt LAPD has made to OUT me. I am clearly heterosexual and strong and clear about this. I will reiterate my claim if anyone can OUT me I will join the Gay and Lesbian Vaishnava Association GALVA and or Courage Campaign. I will then support Gay Marriage. I will also clearly expose LAPD as containing a Gay Militia. I will still be the main opposition leader AGAINST AN OPEN CHEMICAL ASSAULT AGAINST HUMANITY.

I am writing this because this area and population is increasingly important. Criminal prosecution and academic research will be much simpler here. LAPD attacks through associations. They are obsessed when someone fails. They do not realize that they are the largest failures. The presidents, governors, and other sworn officials are next. By going public I contrast my output, created under extraordinary cruelty, as a heterosexual male Hare Krishna maturing under Madhurya rasa against anyone else. I do not claim any special spiritual qualities. I put on my shoes in the morning the same way anyone else.

The Gang Stalking network is the next closest group to perform. I will relocate to the Salton Sea area. This is in the Coachella Valley and south of Palm Springs. This area will also be exposed to the linear function and the subjective Joe Virus.

If anyone in the Owens Valley, High Sierras, or California wishes to go public on concrete conditions to promote and to defend who you are be aware that I have a modest legal history that I cannot change. I have worked very hard in Inyo County and have legal records created here that I can not change nor wish to change.



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