Saturday, February 05, 2011

100th Birthday of Ronald Reagan

reagan.rRonald Reagan

February 6, 2011 will be the 100th Birthday of Ronald Reagan. The world especially the United States still celebrates a mythology allegedly designed by professors from Cambridge Law School. These individuals have designed a Gay Militia embedded in a movement called Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC. This activity was particularly targeted against Reagan.

What has occurred is that the United Kingdom and the United States have been used as a catalyst in a Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth against the human race, civilization, and environment. This is imposed over my natural person, United States Citizenship, the Convention Against Torture CAT, and Geneva Conventions.

This attack occurred on June 17, 1987 in Dover, Delaware and was lead by Male Same Sex Male officers of Los Angeles Police Department.

This attack persists in continuo from 100th Congress to the 112th Congress. Ronald Reagan is the first of what Cambridge Law School wished to identify as Irrationalist Presidents. Barack Obama continues this Perfect Dictatorship. This is the defeat of his posterity by MSM persons.

The Salton Sea is a Scorched Earth site. The water, air, and tangible property are all ruined.

Mutual Aid violations between law enforcement, 24/7 hour electronic surveillance, gang stalking, and an escalation of Targeted Chemical Assaults TCAs are the legacy of Ronald Reagan.

The externality is a positive externality for the Socialist and Communist. It is unique that MSM men of the LGBTi paradigm attacked as hard. The same advocates themselves are guilty of being so-called strawmen actors of Teflon persona.

A unique philosophical perspective is that the Hedonistic Calculus and Consequentialism  of John Stuart Mills and liberalism has suffered a major defeat. This is to the deontology of Immanuel Kant. Barack Obama is escalating this loss as he attempts to guide the exit of Hosni Mubarak from Egypt as the Jasmine Revolution there approaches two weeks with Mubarak signaling he will hold out.

The Reagan Revolution has not tallied the damage done to persons, environment, and Constitution due to his last year and a half in office.

Ronald Reagan began a defeat for the United States Presidency itself. The comparative model is Joseph Stalin of the USSR.

The HIV/AIDS positive population now estimated at 600,000 living are the focus of my present advocacy because the victims step forward not the advocates. Here Ronald Reagan’s main historical detractors emerge as worse performers as they box in Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth on these victims.

I believe my struggle against an informant culture extending from Ronald Reagan through Obama and the average person will redefine the historical perspective of Ronald Reagan.



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