Thursday, April 25, 2013

Open Letter: George W Bush

The Legacy of George W Bush


Obamas and Bushes

If History is the last court then Reality is the instructing teacher. George Bush willingly became President of the United States in full cognition that a Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth program was in continuo since June 17, 1987 under then President Reagan. His father George HW Bush also willfully condoned the defective performance of Reagan. This miscalculation, escalation, failure to discipline faulty performers, and implement corrective remedies has resulted in a damaged United States, Constitution, and Citizenship.

What is known now is that an Undermining Campaign that drives the expansion of the British Empire is the controlling hierarchy. Cambridge Law School is the proximate cause. These actors have named this System Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC. This system may go back to the beginning of Cambridge University in the 1400s. In this regard MOEC is the name for the exposure of a Perfect Dictator.

The attack has been imposed over my natural person and citizenship.

As a result of the alienation of my Bill of Right and Fourteenth Amendment Protections, a Crime Against Humanity, Treason, Obstruction of Justice, and Intimidating a Witness have occurred against the United States.

The Strategic Mission at this time is Gay Marriage. Proposition 8 as Hollingsworth v. Perry is now awaiting Judgment before the Supreme Court.


George W Bush has failed in executing his sworn duty as President of the United States, Constitution, and Citizens. He has acted Under the Color of Law as de facto and negligent sworn officer of this country. On about February 12, 2007 Operation Radhanatha occurred which despoiled all surface water in my vicinity, tap water and products manufactured at the plant.

The Colorado River was despoiled at Earp CA and Parker AZ. As a result the Salton Sea CA has been despoiled for two Presidential Elections 2008 and 2012. President Obama must bear the criminal and civil liability for the 2012 Presidential Election.

To this day it is impossible to buy a Coca Cola that is not contaminated in my vicinity.

George W Bush is a member of the Irrationalist Presidents Reagan – Obama. He has delivered blackmail, extortion, and intimidation of a witness. Electronic Surveillance, Gang Stalking, and Chemical Assault against the United States and the human race are the prima facie facts that are weighed against his Mythology.

George W. Bush Presidential Library And Museum

Thank you for your consideration,

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

April 25, 2013

Big Pine California



Mobilization of Empire and Civilization