Thursday, August 11, 2011

Modeling Singularity and Apperception


Theory is Good But It Does Not Prevent Things From Happening

Sigmund Freud

The emergence of modeling various systems to implement Technological Singularity in itself is unique phenomena. It can be seen entirely as mechanism of statecraft. Prima facie groups as TED University are working with NASA. My position is that Cambridge University has by defection co-opted significant academic and research capabilities.

How is a software programmer or dev going to explain the open human experimentation that has occurred and is still being imposed over my natural person and citizenship?

Developing a fast machine is one issue and teaching leadership and decision making is another.

Currently President Barack Obama exists in a very serious historical and legal bubble that will burst. This will take down a great deal of the History of Singularity. This folly exists because it too is in the same bubble or a subsystem of that bubble. The morally sound position is to argue my rights and the collective rights of the citizens of the world as strongly as possible.

I, as Obama have both surpassed our 50th Birthdays. I am become more aware of mortality and in consequence how corrupt he and his last five predecessors were.

I travel in a very narrow range of legal jurisdictions:

Big Pine - Bishop - Inyo County

Westwood - Lassen County

McCloud - Siskiyou County

Desert Shores - Imperial County

Blythe - Riverside County

These five areas and those jurisdictions that connect these locations will over the next five years to the end of the decade shape the history of the United States and the presidency in a manner never seen.

Westwood and McCloud are separated by about 100 miles. I alternate between these two small communities every other year.

The legal elements of Hate Crime focus on two components 1. Quid pro Quos 2. Hostile Environment. The local persons and tourists do not fathom that this Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth is a storyboarded entrapment. They are being tested for fitness.

An informant personality predominates universally. As seen in a world of 7 billion persons and perhaps 200 nation-states, no one has stood forward.

The local mythologies of the west and High Sierras are ruined in this iconoclastic based crushing of identity.

Consider that a 75 year old grandfather who is dying has a 50 year old son; he has a 25 year old son, he has a one year old son.

This event has run unopposed since June 17, 1987. This grandfather has lost his health and property. His reputation for standing up and leading his family and community are gone.

The son is the exact age as Barack Obama and myself. He two is continuing a history of failure. His son may have never even lived in the real United States. His one year old son is continuing the continuity of inferiority.

Any concept of American Exceptionalism should recognize the summation of damage that has occurred to the human race and the United States.

The thinkers and theorists of Singularity need to raise the level of the performance.