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Myth of the Contemporary Man


Part III


Bhakta David Nollmeyer


Blythe CA - Ehrenberg AZ – McCloud CA

Currently I am moving out of the early winter of 2012. I have miraculously finished 6 courses at Columbia College online from May 30, 2011 to December 17, 2011. This activity has restored my UC GPA to 3.42 and my regular GPA to 3.27. This in consideration of theories of general equilibrium posits I have not accepted the status quo imposed over me and have chosen to enter an upward trajectory displacing persons until I am satisfied.

In the Totality of Circumstances (Stevens 2003), which is the correct legal test when the individual confronts one's government, the origin or proximate cause must be considered and their mens rea (criminal intent) and actus rea (criminal act) (Mens rea). Here there is no doubt that my legal person guaranteed by the Bill of Rights has been usurped by a test experiment between homosexuality (LGBTi - lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and intersex) versus heterosexuality (opposite sex). Since I have been a lifelong heterosexual I have no rights when in confrontation with members of a Gay Militia from Los Angeles Police Department - LAPD.

Since February 12, of 2007 the Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth has escalated to despoil all surface water, all running tap water, and even contaminate food in cans and have such shipped into my vicinity. At this threshold what is called operation Radhanatha began in Earp CA - Parker AZ (Nollmeyer 2007).

Since that time I have learned that this is a diametrical attack on Technological Singularity (Singularity Institute) or that date when computational machines equal and then overtake humans in ability. This will result in machine superintelligence or machines that are superior to humans. Transhumanism or those persons whose bodies are a combination of biological and artificial parts will be normative. Vice - President Dick Cheney must choose between his heart, a transplant, or an artificial heart by July 1, 2012. I am a good candidate to rebuild by chelation or aryurvedic therapy as well as other possible transhuman experiments.

MOEC is a Cultural Singularity. Hence there is a Singularity and it is not technological. The censorship of 7 billion persons worldwide is a Singularity. The post modern world is being modeled on networking versus an industrial model. Here the dependency of the Technological Singularity community by the proximate cause Cambridge Law School is apparent. I am operating that this allegation is a fact.

Mitt Romney has won the Nevada Primary and is the Republican front runner to meet Barack Obama in November for the 2012 Presidential Election. This sanitization is a form of Irrationalism or pre fascism (Fotopoulos, T. 1998). This emergent neo-fascism or New Fascism as I am calling such is Anglo-American geographically and radiates outward from Cambridge University now through Scotland Yard and Los Angeles Police Department by mutual aid violations.

This trajectory predisposes treason, blackmail, and extortion. This has led to severe Gang Stalking of which I am the principal target. Exposing this activity has had a deterrent effect. Hence all criminal actors should demonstrate renunciation of the conspiracy (Renunciation - Conspiracy) and some intent to better or restore the constitutional equilibrium.

The United States presidents have demonstrated they can be blackmailed and that they are blatant consequentialists looking the other way and condoning a Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth on the citizens and state that have legally sworn to protect. The study of psychopathy as antisocial, sociopath, and psychopath are integral to comprehending the killing off of conscience to recruit, sustain, and sanitize an activity of this scope, a Supercrime.

In developing MOCM Pt. III, I will present the construction of a Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth Program and how such is distributed over:

Eternal Law

Natural Law

Positive Law

This is a form of extortion. In planning, the attack is developed from 100 percent spatiality and intensity. It is then redistributed over the population and territory. Persons will have fractals of the event superimposed over their persons. As seen the entire event of MOEC is imposed over my faith, natural person, and citizenship. Hence the Gay Militia that is directing such is paired with lesbianism (really bisexuality). The intent was that a MSM Male Same Sex Male criminal polarity could be neutralized by a FSF Female Same Sex Female platform instead of the use of constitutional law. My Bill of Rights protections are null and void unless I was a practicing bisexual or married certain bisexuals. This experiment in creating a same sex qualification in a double bind construction is a catastrophic failure.

I maintain my work from the heterosexual platform but am not exclusive. The imperative is to restore the rule of law and not escalate the usurpation which is manifest in the presidencies. (An old female intern of John F. Kennedy has written a book claiming she had a sexual relationship with the president. This she claims will avoid blackmail).

The zeitgeist from Ronald Reagan and Ayatollah Khomeini posits two reactionary polarities of thought and government in brinkmanship that continues to date. The tension between western democracy and Islamist theocracy are evident is the essentialist trajectories of both nation-states. The LGBTi platform is focalized in this matization of the conflict. Here the universal legal recognition of LGBTi persons is an issue that is driving MOEC. Hence state planning and eugenics are salient features. LGBTi individuals in the main do not reproduce naturally so their parenting is usually planned out and same-sex couples appear more dedicated.

Since 2011, Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya have deposed leaders. Osama bin Laden and Moammar Gadhaffi have been killed. Currently Syria is in a civil war with a weak opposition attempting to overthrow Assad. Iran appears to be within three years of developing a nuclear weapon. All nuclear events are code-named Akbar in MOEC and other events as chemical assault and biological weapons are known as Lycurgus (Nollmeyer 2007).

Stuxnet was a super virus that was constructed to disable Iran's uranium centrifuge purification systems. In contrast Iran's scientists were able to take over the GPS system of an American drone and land the craft safely. These events are in nexus with Technological Singularity. Marginalization, autarky, and class stratification are weapons in MOEC which is an intelligence and espionage operation through prisoner's dilemma. There is no absolute End World Scenario or EWS. There are events as limited nuclear theater and so forth.

Since the Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth is unrecognized and I am getting more advanced in age, I will redouble my manifest efforts to prosecute sworn officials and raise the academic bar where and if I can.

The use of Storyboard Technology (Storyboard 2012) hence tactics used to choreograph a film or plays is integral to the state planning. Scripts from generation to generation and cradle to grave are developed and imposed over families and individuals. As seen these scripts are LGBTi based.

On February 7, 2012 the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned Proposition 8 which limited marriage in California to one man and one woman. Same sex marriages will not occur until the date that the appeals process ends. It is most likely that the Supreme Court will receive this case (California Proposition 8 2012).

Gay Marriage is the key issue for MOEC. I have supported Proposition 8. I will not support same sex marriage.

To further develop MOCM III, I will review the archetypes, theology, social theory and the prosecution of the legal sworn officials that are liable. I do not have legal standing to represent you, your family and children, and property. If you have the ability to organize a refutation you should consider this also. Kuhn and Popper Methodologies (Hutcheon 1995) along with Frye and Daubert Standards are strong points of departure. The latter are used in American courts with Daubert being the federal standard (North Carolina Wesleyan).

The Daubert Court indicated that there are at least four factors to consider: testability, specifically Popperian falsifiability; publication and peer review; the known or potential rate of error. (Daubert at 2797); and widespread acceptance in the relevant scientific community (Jan Dejnoñka 1996).

The issue is that under the older Frye Standard only general acceptance by the scientific community permitted expert testimony and evidence to be admitted. Here under Daubert which is the federal standard the qualification shifts from the scientific community to the evidence itself (Jan Dejnoñka 1996).

Herein the philosophic construction of Gay Irrationalism - Gay Know Nothing is focalized. Currently there are six and soon seven states which permit Gay Marriage (Nollmeyer 1972).

There are perhaps 1.3 million persons infected with HIV/AIDS in the United States. MSM or Male Same Sex Male persons are about half. Upwards of 48,000 to 56,000 new cases occur each year. Hepatitis caseloads are estimated to be between 2 to 5 million persons (Center for Disease Control 2012).

The Gay Militia has no legitimacy whatsoever on these issues. As seen they have chemically scorched the earth.

I will review the morphogenetic structure of MOEC or Mobilization of Empire and Civilization. This is a highly conspiratol allegation in contrast to the manifest Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth that is not being recognized or prosecuted by sworn officials as President Barack Obama, Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano, and Attorney General Eric Holder.

As seen the major implication is scientific determinism versus socialization. In this aspect the human genome project emerges within Singularity. It has been argued that the more severe the criminality as a psychopath the more likelihood that illness is genetic and not learning from the environment. The strongest argument is that a Cambridge professor was legitimate and got entangled in this blackmail and extortion ring. It appears he was a Same Sex - Gay - Bisexual. Upon comprehending that his activities which would have had a very significant amount of victims he initiated the Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth into the state planning. Hence if his genetics were carrying dominant psychopathic traits he wished to chemical assault the human race attempting to attack the heterosexuals first and then LGBTi persons later (Personality Research 1998).

Hence a direct implication is whether criminality genetic or socialized in LGBTi persons?

Is criminality genetic or socialized in opposite sex persons?

MOEC is a suprasystem.

TPS means Totalitarian Police State and TPSYS means Totalitarian Police System. Hence the first structure and the second is process in MOEC theory. Lycurgus is a subsystem and concerns basic TPSYS operations. Akbar is nuclear. Hence Iran's nuclear program would be Akbar. The nuclear disaster in Fukushima Japan would also be within Akbar (Nollmeyer 2007).

Under positive law the Social Contract theory is very important. Hence we are reciprocating with our head of state. He or she is sworn to protect our rights. As stated I reject the false equilibrium imposed over my natural and citizenship. I show intent to prosecute the President, now Barack Obama and all accomplices and accessories to the fullest extent of the law. Since Obama is 50.5 years of age, it is reasonable to argue he may live to 80 years old. It appears that the defection model has his targeted prosecution in 2040 when he and I are both 79 should I live. Technological Singularity is scheduled to occur in 2046.

I will personally confront him if I can extricate myself from this ordeal. I may still confront him during this ordeal. I choose the internet because of the Chemical Assault. I work somewhat on twitter and various political figures at times post right after me.

The Storyboard created by Cambridge of my life posits that I would be a bisexual male. This is truly false. I have no same sex events in my life. There are no intervals between events. In a behavioristic approach, one same sex event every six months would categorize one in the set of LGBTi persons.

Since I am a member of the Hare Krishna Movement I also favor four principals:

No meat eating (lacto-vegetarianism)

No drug, marijuana, or alcohol use

No illicit sex - same sex

No gambling

I am ritvik follower of His Divine Grace A.C Swami Prabhupada. I will most likely refer to him as Srila Prabhupada for simplicities sake (Prabhupada 1972).

LAPD and the Gay Militia are fatalistic and dependent. The Storyboard scripting is based on bisexuality or same sex in the average. Hence The Yellow Brick Road quid pro quos are based on being a gay doctor, gay lawyer, gay athlete and so forth (Storyboard 2012).

Since my identity is not transgendered, bisexual, or gay I do not follow the scripting and am probably the least in doing so.

There is a network of nodes that radiate from Cambridge Law School much like a spider plant that are a main structure in creating the state planning in which Storyboarding of natural persons occurs with quid pro quos which are also paired with fractals of the Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth.

LGBTi persons have a veneer of perhaps muriatic acid sprayed over them, in their homes, workplace, and schools. Heterosexuals have a very deep red sprayed over them which is a caustic mixture of hydrochloric acid and porta toilet septic tank solution. (This is an acknowledgement to Commodious and Elagalbus of the Roman Empire).

The Gay Militia is antagonistic to the so-called LGBTi movement. Since Proposition 8 was overturned yesterday, it is overwhelmingly irrational for MSM or LGBTi police officers to continue this activity. None of the major LGBTi marriage groups recognize what is occurring.

Here are three LGBTi pro marriage groups and their leaders Courage Campaign (2012) Freedom to Marry (2012) LAMBDA Legal (2012):

Courage Campaign - Rick Jacobs

Freedom to Marry - Evan Wolfson

LAMBDA - Kevin Cathcart

In a systems format there are polarities as positive and negative. These Storyboard scripts can reflect citizenship and criminality in the legal sense. The legal reconciliation of these activities or the leadership to do so is not in my cognition. Miscalculation, escalation, failure to discipline culpable parties and failure to implement systematic remedies are manifest.

On February 8, Washington has passed legislation that would enable same sex marriage. If opponents gather enough signatures for the ballot marriages will not occur until after the November referendum. Maine also has a referendum on November's ballot.

It is not certain whether the Supreme Court will immediately hear the case from California. At issue were the 18,000 couples who received their licenses. Their marriages will stand. Justice Steven Reinheardt crafted the narrow decision to impact only California. The broader issue of whether marriage is a state or federal right was not addressed (Los Angeles Times 2012).

As seen the issue is fluid. I was expecting a decision by Easter but the political environment is dictating the outcome.

Herein it was discerned that Proposition 8 provided no lawful purpose in denying LGBTi persons the right to marry.

If Cambridge is the authorship of the Storyboard, they have completely created a polarization between a biological hardwire heterosexual male in myself and a Gay Militia working as law enforcement.

An insight I made last evening was that pairing of Technological Singularity and Social Singularity is that such is an entrapment on the President of the United States. MOEC was designed to attack Ronald Reagan. The following head of states may be considered the Irrationalist Presidents:

Ronald Reagan

George H.W. Bush

William Clinton

George W. Bush

Barack Obama

Technological Singularity is predicted for 2046. Barack Obama will be 81 on 2041. The odds of him living to this age are about 50 percent. I should also have the same odds. Mary Bono's R – 45 CA District is the most heavily contaminated. She too, was born in 1961. Both the Colorado River and the Salton Sea are partly in her district. I spend about 6 months a year near or in her jurisdiction.

Corporate History and Environmentalism are two issues which have not been fully attempted. The Machine Theory of organization inverts to the Machinery of Torture. Here the resources of the state come to bear against the individual. Here leadership and wealth creation is co-opted to build the New Fascist world. Hence in the USSR and China how are certain individuals able to be billionaires and millionaires while the majority of the persons are living off the state? It is the transformation into fascism that permits this socio-economic class stratification. Hence marginalization is under the threshold of cognition rather than overt genocide and slavery.

The despoliation of the United States is prima facie but the legal creation of Superfund sites will surely be an issue as there is much legal power at hand but no will to use such for the people and myself.

There are two areas of analysis that will greatly affect Singularity and the social sciences. They are the internal and external environmental analysis. Regarding socialization theories that posit that the learning is predicated from the outside of the individual inward, then MOEC is negating this concept by implementing a Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth within the cognition of the United States President, now Barack Obama and his predecessors (Management Study Guide 2012).

The Technological Singularity thinkers do not recognize MOEC as Social Singularity as an antagonistic morphogenetic movement to 2046 within the social body. I believe that much work is corrupt and will pertain only to machines and not their interface or the socialization with humans which they claim the coming superintelligence will transform.

Today is February 12, 2012. This is the 5th Anniversary of Radhanatha. Hence this is the date when the Colorado River was despoiled from Parker AZ – Earp CA. I remember going to the Flying J Truck Stop here in Ehrenberg. I tried to buy a fountain soda from the machine the water was contaminated. The store at that time sold Calistoga water by the glass quart which I used to purchase for $1.60. All the water in purification machines at 25 cents a gallon is contaminated. There is an attack on vegetarianism with the level of contamination higher for beans and the like. Newspapers are sprayed as well as clothing. The air in buildings is sprayed.

Marriage breaking occurs when an opposite sex supporter is sprayed with the Sick Red mixture. I have written previously that this was created over San Luis Obispo County in California. It has a more universal application in extortion and blackmail. Hence many FSF or bisexual females are married with more conservative husbands here the MSM Gay Militia will spray the female spouses with this Sick Red mixture to break the marriage.

Hence as seen the family is the first collective and beginning of the political unit in western thought. Here LGBTi History is severely damaged and sanitized. This text will challenge under Kuhn and Popper methodologies the material proffered as LGBTi History as such is mandated in California to be taught.

Simple negation can occur regarding the Gay Militia in LAPD being the proximate cause in the United States through mutual aid violations with other jurisdictions and states. Hence they are in violation or they are not. If someone were to claim that they were not the federal and state government officials have no excuses as this event has a catastrophic magnitude.

The overall cowardice and treason that pervades the zeitgeist is unparalleled in United States History. I do not see any theologians, political scientists, historians, social scientists, criminologists, journalists, business departments, economists emerging without considerable damage.

There are three major scripts within the Storyboard that are bogus. One is based on a transformation to the LGBTi platform in Delaware, one from San Diego, and the third is based on Northern California which is based on being a follower of the Grateful Dead which is also LGBTi.

As seen the Bhagavad Gita As It Is by Srila Prabhupada (Prabhupada 1972) is the most transforming issue in my life not a single living person. My gender orientation has been heterosexual 100 percent of my life.

Overall these areas are the most active as crime scenes and will likely be where I finish my life if I am not able to escape or the Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth does not stop:

Salton Sea – Coachella Valley CA

Blythe CA – Ehrenberg AZ

Westwood CA – McCloud CA

Inyo County CA

(New Jersey has vetoed Gay Marriage and Maryland has just passed such. A ballot initiative is likely in Maryland.)

Origin and it's developmental papers are crucial in the comprehension of MOEC -

The original Myth of Contemporary Man website has a new URL -

(I will continue to develop a preface to MOCM III and post such online on and other blogs and sites on the domain.)

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