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Perception of the World Equilibrium


Radha Kund



Roy Harlow
Hare Krsna Vaisnavas, Guara Purnima Day 2012

My dear brothers and sisters, I wish to express my feeling about the global situation.

It is obvious that the world is being destroyed by the combined plan of demonic humans and aliens as the methodology employed to deliver the appropriate karma to the deserving.

Through the use of such technologies as HAARP and space based weapons, vaccines and toxic contamination, the demonic are inflicting huge suffering upon the people and the planet. The earth is also suffering greatly from the rampant killing of babies, animals and fish, plant and soil biological entities, as well as human faith in God; to the point that several of the speculators are propounding that the earth is going to leave her physical body and reside in her subtle body. This is being described as an ascension that will force the embodied livings beings to choose; to hold on to their physical forms or transcend into their subtle bodies and then reside in the appropriate form. Many groups are suggesting that we (humans) pray for either earth to shake off the shackles of the demonic suppression by natural retaliation or to petition the ‘friendly aliens’ or demigods to assist us in throwing off the demonic forces that are behind the godless suppression of the planet and humanity.

We, as students of the bonafide Spiritual Master, His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, know that the only authorised method to impact the situation is to preach and participate in the chanting of the Holy Name and depend on Sri Krsna. He will see to the demigods help or the appropriate action to save our Mother earth; as Hrikesa, the Master of all mystic powers.

It has become clear that the technology revolution has been withheld from the masses and that the new capabilities are being used against us; to implant us or mind control the actions of the humans at the top directing the chaos, and to comatose the masses into lethargy. This ability is being used in full measure now and we as devotees must be cautious to avoid such contamination of our physical forms and consciousness, thus impairing our capacity to render substantial devotional service.

As students of the only bonafide Spiritual Master, His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada, we have the responsibility to maintain and expand the movement of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. We have been left to carry on and spread the Holy Name. From within our ranks and from the bowels of India has arisen various deviate groups that are betraying the pure teachings of our Master and preceptors. This has distracted the general mass of Vaisnavas from maturing in the good association of pure selfless devotees, dedicated to this responsibility. I do not want to neglect to respect the isolated pockets of sincere students that have pushed on responsibly with committed service and surrender in spite of these unfortunate issues.

The only instructions to follow are those of the authorised representative, Srila Prabhupada and no one else. To that end we need to revisit and discuss the instructions he gave for the survival of his mission to get through this time of turmoil. This is a very unique period and all of our devotion and commitment will be required to weather the transition and see to the healthy resurgence and growth for the future of His mission.
Remember this is a Divine Plan and we are guaranteed success if we follow sincerely; so what are the specific instructions Prabhupada has given for this time? I know that he gave the instructions but they have been suppressed by the very envious ‘Senior’ disciples that have trashed the balance of the movement, His books and His sincere disciples for self interest.
We have a duty to reiterate these instructions and get started protecting ourselves and many devotees that are loosing the ability to get out of harms way, because there is precious little time before the demons destroy the northern hemisphere.

I wish to point out that the demonic controllers will continue to reduce the population by two thirds and contaminate the planet and enslave the simple, pure, devoted to God people that are not implicated in the karmic condemnation causing this upheaval. This is very reminiscent of the atrocities of King Kamsa. If we are to survive, nay if the movement is to survive, than responsible actions must be taken, urgently.

I do not propose that I am so realised as to be able to advise you of all of the necessary steps required for this to happen in the many theaters of the world, but I believe we can begin getting out of the target areas by following the instructions given by Srila Prabhupada for this purpose and we should compile a very good set of guidelines for our success. I propose that the subject become the center of discussion on the (CIA controlled) Facebook pages of discussion and a summary should be distributed to the devotees so they have the time to absorb it and respond as dictated from the Lord within.

The motivation that arises in my mind is that I know Srila Prabhupada’s teachings have been censored from as early as 1973 when the Bhaktivedanta Tape Ministry was editing His tapes of ‘sensitive subjects’ that ‘the senior devotees’ felt karmis and neophytes would not be able to understand or would misconstrue.

The original tapes contain the specific instructions that we now need, to get a mature vision of how to endure the tribulations ahead for the continuation of the pure side of our movement. We should also get Srila Prabhupada’s explanation of the events ahead and the true perspective of cosmic changes we can confirm by the recent changes in the sun and moon.

I have knowledge of lectures in July 1975 where Srila Prabhupada gave instructions to the Denver and/or Phoenix devotees on stocking up for the coming events, (that were edited from the released tapes). We all know that Prabhupada stated that ‘the day will come when all of the tall buildings on the planet will fall down”; and He said many times that the demons will use the nuclear weapons they have created. Similarly He advised that we should build our devotional cities 600 miles from the centers of population. This principle was demonstrated by His building the world headquarters at Mayapur, in the holy land, away from Calcutta. Also His repeated endorsement of the New Vrindavan and other farms, so far from populated areas of the time. Remember His comments about where it will be safe to live in the future and his instruction not to depend on this Godless human society.

I feel anxiety for the devotees that are in America and much of the northern hemisphere.


I believe we must excavate the lost teachings given by Srila Prabhupada and distribute them to those that wish to survive the calamities and push this movement into the next centuries by sincerely following those instructions. The cities will no longer be the place to congregate. (I personally believe that the northern hemisphere will be destroyed and attachments need to be broken and the devotees should go south ASAP.) I must inject, that this task is not for the deviates and selfish and fearful, rather it is for those sincere disciples that have been waiting for the time when their mature contribution will be called upon to positively guide and impact the mission.

I am asking all of you that meet this description to bring out those pieces of the puzzle by sharing the special instructions intended for this time. I see no sense in the political distractions of the GBC and the Guru structure that has lost it’s head and conscience.

I make a plea to those devotees that are or have been situated near the tape ministry and could release the missing information to Prabhupada’s students. I realise that this may be placing you in a dangerous position, as much of the original sources are under the control of the envious so-called-devotees, but the need is real and the time is short and they have no right to restrict the knowledge of the Spiritual Master from His disciples. Their envious nature is always manifest by placing themselves between ‘the Master and the disciple’, but this must not be allowed to stop the flow of knowledge for the survival of the Lord’s movement.

So I say, reach out to those disillusioned brothers and sisters and encourage them to share the instructions that they personally witnessed, or received from a personal witness and they have evidence of, or a recording of and that have festered in their hearts and that pester ones mind. We can collectively put the picture together and give help and support for devotees to congregate to survive the soon coming destruction and persecution from the demonic.

I personally am not talented enough to man a site or face book page to bring together everyone’s contributions, but I have the confidence that Prabhupada has some of us so positioned and qualified to man every portion of the recovery/exodus mission I propose.

I submit that I am just the vessel being used to initiate this perspective and draw the minds of the angry and frustrated Vaisnavas that have had to endure the decimation of Srila Prabhupada’s work without being able to do much about it.

This destruction by the demonic is now threatening the human society and the planet; such that survival is the focus for our immediate future. This is a serious task that we can collectively perform, and one that the envious will continue to neglect; because they are in it for themselves and we are here for the mission of our Spiritual Master.

Jaya Srila Prabhupada, the one and only!

His, trying to be obedient dog,
Advaita Das

Roupa Manjari Devi Dasi
Dear Advaita Prabhu,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Thank you for this considered posting and your obvious devotion and dedication to Srila Prabhupada and the upliftment of the human society through the application of His original Vani.

Srila Prabhupada has indeed made a number of 'post-apocalyptic' statements that have described what we may expect with the advancement of Kali Yuga. However He has also expressed a number of statements that indicate that up to 100% of the population on this planet may chant the Holy Names within this lifetime and begin their journey back Home. (He said this to my husband Naara Narayan dasa Vishwakarma..."If you preach, why not 100%?") So for we the fallen souls with limited vision, it is impossible to say what will "definitely", "possibly" or "never" happen. I and my family take the conservative view, that "the people are crying for Ram Rajya!", and that the proper expression of gratitude to Srila Prabhupada for saving us from the cycle of birth and death, is to risk life and limb to bring this Causeless Mercy to every single living being we encounter before we leave this present human form.

We can hide out, we can evacuate the premises, we can speculate on what horrible situation awaits us in the next hour, the next month, the next year - but the fact is, the power of chanting of the Holy Names of Krishna can and does have the power to deliver even the most wretched rascal with his/her hands on absolute power, nuclear power, fiduciary power, or any other kind of power.

What is missing in terms of control within the ISKCON Movement is the DOM, the Direction of Management, which Srila Prabhupada instructed in 1970 to be in effect once He was "out of the scene". Although largely unknown, and deliberately hidden until very recently by the present GBC, the DOM contains everything we need to make ISKCON internally fortified from attacks either in the form of takeover or any other equalizing all members to one another and having a bottom up, as opposed to a topdown, power distribution system. This is the key to cleaning up ISKCON and removing the present unauthorized, self-appointed and self-appointing GBC. Once the DOM is in place then the shelter that has been promised by Srila Prabhupada and predicted by His astrologer ("He has created a house in which the whole world can live") will manifest.

But, until that time, ISKCON remains in the clutches of the present non-elected GBC, who prefer to keep ISKCON small and Srila Prabhupada and His Vani prisoner, over distributing Love of God wholesale through original Kirtan Sound Vibration as issued from His Lotus Lips.

So your request for us to apply His Instructions for the manage ment of ISKCON is very much agreed by me and my husband and the members of the Occupy ISKCON Movement, a cause here on FB for the education of the ISKCON members on their rights given by Prabhupada.

The dire circumstances truly do await us and are only a matter of time away if and unless the ISKCON members join together to demand the DOM's clause for election to be fulfilled. The strength of the GBC rests on our shoulders, and from our pocketbooks. If we the members collectively refuse to donate or support or obey the present GBC, and insist upon electing an authorized GBC, that is fully obedient to Srila Prabhupada, then we can "make good" on our vows to Srila Prabhupada to spread His Mission wholesale and to bring people to Krishna Consciousness worldwide.

This single act will alleviate the burden on Mother Bhumi, who is Herself a Pure Devotee. The Greatest slaying of a demon, for we the fallen souls, who are so demoniac ourselves, is not to end one or even a million jiva's human existences - but to transform them through the power of the Heart, by making them devotees. There is no greater power than that in this world - the change of heart.

So I hope that you will consider this alternative to simply abandoning the cities which contain so many precious ISKCON Temples and Deities, a solution to the entire dilemma which has held so many devotees in states of helplessness, fear and ineffectiveness, and prevented the spread of ISKCON. Rather we must take up the control of ISKCON as it was given to us specifically by Srila Prabhupada, to be held equally and in ever-increasing spiritual purity, by the egalitarian creed of the DOM, and in this way, successfully introduce Krishna Consciousness around the world, generate Krishna's Names in the mood and melody given by Srila Prabhupda, reclaim the fallen souls wholesale, bring an end to cow slaughter, and so many other atrocities that have become commonplace in a world full of souls that do not yet know the Supreme Absolute Truth.

Srila Prabhupada saved us, without any qualification of our own, whatsoever, not so that we could form a closed sector of society and "let the rest of the world go to hell", He wanted every single soul to experience the joy of Krishna Consciousness and have the opportunity for deliverance from this material world. For us to follow through on this Desire of Srila Prabhupada's, we must be willing to care for and deeply regard every other living being in this world...not just ourselves and our select "group". We must unite as a family and bring everyone...not just a few, or a million....or a billion.......but ALL PEOPLE....into this "International Society for Krishna Consciousness"...."The House in which the Whole World can live".

Your eternal servant,
Roupa Manjari devi dasi

David Nollmeyer
Haribol Prabhus,

It is prima facie that one has to do a very thorough external environmental analysis before undertaking any type of preaching mission.

Here the political unrecognized reality may be more decisive than what is officially recognized. ISKCON lost the Kazakhstan property over a deed. The Russia Yatra has temples demolished on a regular basis.

In eastern Europe many faith based movements must be registered.

In the USA there is a de facto scorched earth program ongoing. Hence new fascism is emergent. Some people by defection will have only marginal damage while others have lost everything.

What I am talking about is the destruction of the environment by bathtub chemical warfare. This is essentially putting chemicals in your gas tank and driving around. One quart of oil spilled into a waterway causes incredible coverage.

Many people here in the West get their water for their farms and homes from rivers and surface water.

What is happening is true tragedy.

It appears that the USA and UK can pull this stunt off anywhere in the world at this time.

For those persons living in the desert regions of the world this could be unnerving.

Taking shelter of the maha mantra is the first thing to do. Then based on one's adhikari one should consider taking further action based on the Prabhupada Purports after due deliberation.

You are worth more alive than dead to the seva of Radha - Krishna. However you should never reject the position of Arjuna in your considerations.

Radhe Radhe!!!
Bhakta David


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